Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Passenger Pigeon Education and Photography Project // El Proyecto Educativo y Fotographo De La Paloma Migratoria

I have started a project to photograph as many people as possible with my Passenger Pigeon "Pepe". I want to raise awareness of the sad History of the Extinction of the Passenger Pigeon and to help raise awareness of Extinction and Endangered Species. I want each individual photographed with "Pepe" to have, keep and share their unique photo. I welcome individual's, group's - organization's and Politician's, Community Leader's, Teacher's, Professor's, Instructor's ect. to have their photo taken with "Pepe". // If you are in the Gulf Coast region or are travelling to Mobile, Alabama and would like to be photographed with "Pepe", please feel free to contact me at HistoryofTheSouth@Yahoo.Com // You can donate $5.00 and help me promote this project by visiting this link >

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