Saturday, March 29, 2014

Poem on Passenger Pigeon, "Ghosts of Yesterday" by Sharon Sweet (Copyright 2014)

In my dreams I feel it long before I see it A hint, no more than a rumble in the ground Like the sound of a distant train That slowly grows louder and more insistent. Until its presence cannot be denied.

I see them, there they are! Do I dare believe my eyes? A tidal wave in the sky approaching Roiling, curving, moving as one One made of billions Billions as one. They are here!

The sound of infinite wings beating infinite times is deafening They are passing right over my head Sucking the light from the sky with their numbers and mass as I stand awestruck in a surreal darkness.

And still they come! Hours pass, days pass Their numbers do not die? There are enough to mark every star in the universe And still there are more. Always more.

Wednesday, September 2, 1914 Today I woke up And they were gone forever But still I listen, still I watch, still I hope.

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