Thursday, April 17, 2014

Names for the Passenger Pigeon in different European Languages // Nombres de la Paloma Migratoria en diferentes Idiomas Europeos

The people of the United States, Canada and Cuba had different names for the Passenger Pigeon. It was known by these names in the following European languages :

English (U.S. and Canada) -- Wild Pigeon, Wood Pigeon Wandering Long Tailed Dove and Passenger Pigeon

French  (Canada and Louisiana and Gulf Coast Alabama and Mississippi) -- Pigeon Ramier, Pigeon Sauvage, Ramier and Tourterelle

Spanish (Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Cuba) -- Paloma Migratoria, Paloma Pasajera, Paloma de la Carolina, Paloma Salvaje and Paloma Grande

Dutch (New York and Northern New Jersey) -- Boom Duif, Wilde Duif and Ringle Duif

Swedish (Southern New Jersey and Delaware) -- Villa Dufor and Dufor

German -- Wandertaube and Strichtaube

German (Pennsylvania "Dutch") -- Wilte Doub

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